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The Village Websmith - Is Your Site?

Feeling Its Age?

The Internet is changing minute by minute more than just daily. With the dramatic pace of change, it is possible that what was 'state of the art' last year can start to look jaded. This can leave potential customers with something less than the best impression of the care and love you lavish on your business.

Search engines, as well as current taste change and evolve, so keeping up to date not only gives your web site visitors the best possible look at your business, it also enhances the likelihood that they will find you.

With a Village Websmith facelift and regular updates, your site can be kept looking fresh as a daisy with reloads of key page files on a daily basis, which will also help keep your rightful place in the search engine listings for longer too. Call us or click in the header of any page to email us and get a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed new look fast. Contact us to find out more.

A 'Simple' DIY Task?

The possibility of a 'free' DIY website seems very attractive on the surface. however, nothing in the world is truly free. You may well find that in order to get the performance you need to promote your business, the overall costs can mount up significantly.

You may find that your images end up with meaningless names that don't attract the search engines, you are unable to access some areas of content without subscribing to the 'Premium' service. The selection of images may not truly represent your business and the graphical capabilities are limited.

Not least of all, the writing of engaging, attractive web copy is a highly specialised skill. Taking all this into account, the value of a Village Websmith professional, bespoke site can start to look much more appealing. Call us today, or click in the header of any page to email us and talk about getting real value. Contact us to find out more.

A Money Pit?

How often do you update your web site content? How much does it cost you? Does the answer to question two figure in the reason for the answer to question one being 'not as often as I would like'?

With a regular update account at the Village Websmith, you know exactly how often your web site will be updated, how the updates will be shared via social media outlets, and what it is going to cost you each month.

Choose from daily, weekly or monthly update regimens to get the most appropriate timing for your business and your market. There are options, but once you have set up your programme, your cost will be fixed and your web content updates will be applied. There is no contract, no minimum term and no cancellation cost. You just keep the service going as long as it is helping to promote your business. Call us now or click in the header of any page to talk about getting the best 'bang for your buck' possible out of your web presence. Contact us to find out more.

Lovely But Seldom Seen?

Is your web site like the summit of Mount Everest? Achingly beautiful but only seen at first hand by a privileged few people? Having a good looking site is important of course, but it must also be practical.

All Village Websmith sites have search engine optimisation at their core. It is not a patch that can be applied afterwards, the structure of the site has to be search engine friendly, automatically distributing the phrases that pay to all the right places from the outset.

The beautiful images and colours can be applied over the top of this, but like a house, it will only stand if it has a firm, workable foundation. That way, you know that all the effort you put into beautiful visuals will find the audience it deserves. Cal us today, or click in the header of any page to send us an email about opening up the North Face to more visitors. Contact us to find out more.

Covid-19 Coping Statement
In order to safeguard clients and all the people with whom they come into contact, during the current health crisis, face to face meetings have been suspended until further notice.

However, in preparation for the return of normality, many clients are using this enforced reduction in day to day activity to sharpen up their web presence, helping to make sure that they are in the lead for new opportunities. Collecting the information for such an exercise has always been more efficient face to face than any amount of email ping-pong.

To this end, I am now able to offer [definition]virtual face to face meetings[/definition] with screen sharing to help out with updates, email settings and web site changes, just like being there.

There is no need for anyone to miss out on the chance to use this time productively. Just call or send an email so that we can arrange a slot convenient for you to take part in a virtual one to one session, a virtual meeting or a webinar.

The intention is to use this facility to re-start my regular Wednesday web site surgeries, where anyone can drop in and chat about how to make the most of the only shop window still open. Eventually, when the current health crisis is over, this may prove to be a less time consuming way to arrange the surgeries than getting people to visit. Make the most of every minute.

Stay safe out there!

Web Sites that Work as Hard as You Do

f your web site is suffering from any of the above maladies, it may not be doing the best for your business. The Village Websmith specialises in helping small business people to expose themselves more effectively on the Internet.

The independence you want, the support you need

With over 20 years of experience in making web sites for local businesses that get them noticed, you get the support you need with the independence you want. Either maintain all your own content, get us to do it, or share the work to fit in with your schedule.

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