Potential Website Questionnaire. How many more quality business opportunities could you generate with a professional, dedicated web presence?
1Can you handle more business about now?
If your business has capacity to take on additional work, would having a shop window, open 24 hours a day in virtually every home help to get your message to lots of potential new customers?
2Can you handle more business in the future?
Things may be going well now, but isn't that the best time to start building up a bank of business opportunities for the future?
3Do you find yourself taking on jobs you don't really want to take on?
Would you prefer to be able to pick and choose, taking on only the jobs that bring the best profits and the quickest turnover?
4Does your current advertising bring in less work than it used to?
Is the phone ringing less often than it did? Do less people quote the local paper, or business directory when calling?
5Would you like to have a simpler, faster way for your customers to pay their bills?
Why wait for a cheque in the post and leave your business open to delays caused by striking postal workers when you can easily set up an online bill payment facility?
6Do you have limited time and manpower for handling phone enquiries?
Would you find it useful to take enquiries online and deal with them in your own time, rather than having to lose time from your main activity to pick up the phone?
7Do you currently send out newsletters?
These can be great ways of building awareness of specific promotions and stimulating quick generation of enquiries.
8If not, would you like to?
There are many reasons of time, cost and manpower that can prevent you from promoting your business.
9How about an email newsletter with no print or postage costs?
Removing most of the cost element can make a big difference in the ability of small businesses to send out regular promotional material
10Would you like to increase your word of mouth business?
WOM marketing is one of the most effective and least costly tools that any business can use. Intelligent use of a website and membership of the Webinthebox community can play a very big part in your WOM marketing campaign.
11Would you like to be perceived as a more substantial organisation?
A well designed website can speak volumes about your business to potential customers, making you look just right like Baby Bear's porridge. The skill is in making you look big enough to be relied upon while still being small enough to be approachable.
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