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05/11/2013: Welcome to Terrific Tuesday

Named from the Germanic god, Tiw, and associated with Mars. We aimed for the Moon on Monday, so let's ramp it up a notch and set our sights even higher today.

Mars is also known as the 'Red Planet' so make it a red letter day for your business. The phrase "He looked at me like I was from Mars" is also used when you have done something strange or out of the ordinary.

Doing something strange, breaking the mould and surprising yourself can be a great way to open the door to some new business. Potential customers are everywhere and Tuesday is a good day for finding them in a new and unconventional way.

One of my favourite places to look for new business is the supermarket. Try smiling saying "Good Morning" to someone wearing an item of clothing with their business name on it. Asking them where they get their embroidery done is a good opening. In the car park, the same can apply to signwritten vans or a particular type of car. Signs are everywhere about what people may buy, you only have to look for them to find something to say.

Make it amusing, make it very short; remember you have introduced yourself unbidden and everyone's time is precious, but make an impression, hand over a business card and wish them a good day then leave it at that. The seeds have been sown. Even if that person doesn't need what you do, they may well know someone who does and will remember the smiling, cheerful enthusiast they met in the car park.

My own opening is simple. I look for corporate clothing or signwritten vehicles with no web address on them and open the conversation asking who did the signage. When they tell me, I simply say, they left something off. This invariably prompts them to ask what. That is when I can say that there is no web address on there. If this means that they have no web presence yet, the door is open and I can deliver a business card and go on my way.

Do something out of the ordinary today!

The Village Websmith's work isn't only about creating effective websites. Through workshops and seminars as well as networking groups, there is help and advice always available to get more value out of promotion via the Internet, face to face selling, telephone, email and press advertising.

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