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16/11/2015: phishing attempt spotted by a customer

This phishing email was forwarded to me by one of our observant customers who felt that it looked genuine enough to ask the question but suspicious enough to make asking worthwhile.

No matter how hard spammers try to make their emails look genuine, there is always something that lets them down. In this case it was the domain that the message was mailed from; googleaccountaudit dot com, which was registered yesterday to a gentleman in Kingston upon Thames.

His details have all been passed to Google now, along with a copy of the message. It is unlikely that these are the details of the actual perpetrator, but it can't hurt to alert Google to misuse of their name.

Rolling over the link that they want you to follow will show its true target in the tool tip that pops up. This will also bear no resemblance to the text.

Needless to say, that awareness and suspicion are two great tools for keeping your computer and your business safe from malware, so regarding every email that asks you to follow a link is a good policy, and checking the domains associated with the sending emails can confirm your suspicions.

As always, we are here to help, so by all means forward any suspicious emails to me and ask the question. That way, we can alert all the people we know to the potential threat.

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