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06/09/2016: gain up to 40 times as many enquiries with regular, professional content updates

Enquiry & Traffic analysis for businesses with high, med and low average order value.

Traffic & enquiries with weekly updates
Business groupHigh £Med £Low £
Traffic & enquiries with monthly updates
Business groupHigh £Med £Low £
Traffic & enquiries with no updates
Business groupHigh £Med £Low £

Regular updates to your website content can really pay dividends in your business. To illustrate just how big a difference this service can make, we analysed the last six months' results for businesses representing three categories; large, with order values in the tens of thousands, medium, with average order values of hundreds to thousands and small with order values in tens to hundreds of pounds. The results speak for themselves in the tables above.

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Join us to take an objective view of how your site performs in terms of getting found, its visual and content appeal and how your enquiry handling matches up to data protection legislation
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Every time of change is a time of opportunity

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) becomes law on May 25th 2018. The Regulation demands that all web sites clearly display policies and statements relating to what happens to personal information submitted in enquiries. Even if you don't do anything with such data, you still need to have a policy stating that.
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