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06/09/2016: welcome to joe miles, apprentice websmith

At last, there is an apprentice in the Websmithy to help with the workload and help make our customers' web sites work harder than ever.

Full of youthful enthusiasm, Joe is used to customer facing roles and as part of his early duties will be collecting, collating and posting information to our regular customers' sites as well as maintaining social media links and search engine webmaster records. Joe is here to learn the craft of the Websmith, and over time, will be gaining experience in all aspects of helping you get the best possible value from your investment.

This is an incredibly invaluable addition to the Village Websmith team and is going to make so much more work possible. Joe can be contacted by clicking in the header of any page as usual, or joe at VillageWebsmith dot co dot uk. He is here between 9am and 5pm, ready to get cracking

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