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24/05/2017: the "just the ticket" tour is nearly ready to launch

With so many factors affecting the performance of a web site, you have to tick all the boxes to create an effective presence that will get you the response you need to turn into business.

It is no good focusing on just one aspect of the site. A common example being "Search Engine Optimisation", the favourite of the 21st century alchemists who profess to be "experts" in the field.

No, your site must first of all get found, of course, but then it must also carry a powerful message that is easy for the visitor to find, as well as being cogent enough to spur them to action. Once that stage is reached, it must be easy for them to get in touch.

Not only must your web presence do all of that, but it must also be secure from spammers, hackers and malware distributors whose robots are scouring the web 24/7 in search of targets from which they can steal data or ruin reputations by creating spam 'beacons'.

Oh yes, and then there's legislation. Does your site carry all the necessary contact information to qualify as a 'business letter' in the eyes of the law? Does all your advertising on the site conform to the codes of the Advertising Standards Agency? Is it decent, legal, truthful and honest in other words? Can you prove that? How secure is the information entered by people making enquiries from your site? The penalties for leaving even seemingly innocent personal data at risk can be devastating for any business.

Now, does your site tick all the boxes? Are you sure? One quick way to find out is to visit our mobile office at one of the venues that we will be attending throughout the summer and autumn of this year. The "Just the Ticket" tour kicks off at the Monmouthshire Show on July 1st and we will keep you posted of dates as they are confirmed.

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Join us to take an objective view of how your site performs in terms of getting found, its visual and content appeal and how your enquiry handling matches up to data protection legislation
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Every time of change is a time of opportunity

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) becomes law on May 25th 2018. The Regulation demands that all web sites clearly display policies and statements relating to what happens to personal information submitted in enquiries. Even if you don't do anything with such data, you still need to have a policy stating that.
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