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29/01/2020: Beware Google!

If your business is one that you carry on by visiting customers rather than vice versa, you should have set up areas of operation in your Google My Business record. These changed about a year ago from a distance from base calculation to a list of places. A couple of months back, Google started to delete the areas set up and replace them with their own idea (obviously not having the first clue about UK geography). They then restricted the number of locations to 20 and started filling in areas at random.

The most extreme cock up I have seen in this respect is this customer of ours who works throughout Essex. Google deleted all the Essex locations that we had painstakingly researched and entered for them, replacing them with a list that contained these areas. Defining an area within Google My Business now requires a lot more thought and planning than before, using just 20 locations, so choose wisely. As always, if you have any questions, please drop us a line or pick up the phone and we will be glad to talk it over.

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