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02/11/2013: Welcome to Stunning Saturday

The day of Saturn, Roman god of agriculture, a day for growing your business.

As in agriculture, business grows by planting seeds. Talking to someone today may lead to new business in a month, in a year or even in several years. The important thing is to get the message out there in front of as many new people as possible.

The Internet is the 21st century market place and the first port of call for many when researching new suppliers. Getting found is vital, but getting found in the right place is even more important. Every business has its own definition of 'local'. Targeting a world-wide resource like the web so that you get calls from people in your area of operation is one of the most important skills of websmithery.

Because we only work face to face with our customers, the picture that we can build up of your business is very clear. What you do and where you do it are equally important. By linking products and services to places very strongly using that business image, we can help you can make sure that the right information is seen by the right people. You may even have a sliding scale in your business whereby the distance you can afford to travel varies according to the scale of the job. This can easily be built in to your web content by creating a table of what you do and where you do it.

Saturday is a great day for thinking about your business and where your customers come from. Compare this to where you would like them to come from to deliver your services at the most profitable level. Would you like to more clearly define your own version of local in terms of web promotion? Do you waste too much time telling peopld that you can't just 'pop round' as they are 400 miles away?

To start targeting more accurately, call us on 0203 239 0350 or click in the header of any page to send an email.

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