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04/11/2013: Welcome to Magnificent Monday - MOJO Day!

Last week I mentioned that Monday is a great day for identifying and promoting the MOJO of your business. I am glad to say that a few people have asked me to explain. MOJO is an acronym. It stands for Most Outstanding Justifiable Offer. In the dull and boring world of CorporateSpeak, this may have been called a Unique Selling Point or USP. However, we don't wear grey suits here at the Village Websmith, so prefer something a little more funky.

More important than identifying your MOJO is to understand that it is going to be important to different people for different reasons. For example, the MOJO of the Village Websmith is the personal attention given to all customers in an increasingly impersonal business. This may be important to a customer because they:

  • want to save time
  • want to evaluate our marketing and promotional skills
  • prefer dealing face to face
  • don't have the language or computer skills to write their own copy
  • have a lot of questions to ask
  • don't know where to start promoting their business
  • want to negotiate the best possible deal

When talking to potential customers you can gauge which aspect fits which person by asking the right questions. With a website you don't have the luxury of that interaction, so different aspects of your MOJO need to be presented in a way that visitors can quickly and easily find the part of what you do that touches their personal 'Hot Button'. That is where our own MOJO comes in. In a short meeting, the necessary information can be gained and ordered far more quickly than in any game of email ping-pong.

Over the years, hundreds of Village Websmith customers have been helped to identify their MOJO, put it into a powerful message, then get it seen by potential new customers. Call us today on 0203 239 0350 or click in the header of any page to email us and get your MOJO working.

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