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The Village Websmith Web Design & Services for Brentwood, South Essex

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Dedicated to small businesses.
At the Village Websmith, we only work with small businesses. It is far simpler and much more rewarding. It is far easier to get information about what is good about a business when you are talking to the person who IS the business. We are proud to have helped hundreds of small business people expose themselves more effectively on the Internet since 2003.

Giving word of mouth a helping hand.
As do many small businesses, most of our customers are certain that Word Of Mouth Marketing is the best way to get business. We strongly agree. After all, that is how we get most of our work. However, there is no harm in giving WOMM a helping hand. That is how we see the web presence here at the Village Websmith. It is an easy way for your customers to share your business with their friends and family.

Easy, easy, easy!
The hallmark of all our work is that the experience for visitors is easy. Your information is expertly presented not only in the form of words used and the images associated, but just as importantly, in the places where people look and where they expect to find the information. Nothing gets hidden in unnecessary, distracting animations and the pages follow a stable, comfortable structure, developed with just your site in mind. The most important part is that it is also extremely easy for visitors to respond to you via your chosen communication channel. You choose the option that suits best your availability to handle the enquiries.

Like Baby Bear's Porridge
How customers perceive your business is fundamental in how they respond to it. An impoartant part of our job is to make customers look just the right size for everyone. Small enough to be cherished by existing customers but substantial and professional enough to reassure potential new customers. This is a delicate balance that is only achieved through decades of experience in creating web presences promoting small businesses.

Getting found can also help
With unique functions to associate what you do, for whom and where, Webinthebox® from The Village Websmith helps even the smallest business find its way to the forefront of search engine results. Come and visit us, we will be happy to show some examples of how this works. You will also find that it is explained in plain language and not Jargonese.

Last but not least
The subject of money in many cases can present a surprise. You will find the surprise a pleasant one when presented with your Village Websmith invoice. Your site is built using Webinthebox®, our own content management system, developed since 2003. This makes creation and customisation of sites very quick. As time is money, this leads to small, manageable bills.

Expand and achieve
As your business develops, your Webinthebox® site can develop with it. Options can be added at any time for:

  • Online shopping cart
  • Payments and deposit taking
  • Quote configuration
  • Invoicing and contact management
  • Interactive maps
  • Broadcast emails and newsletters
  • Live chat
  • Calendars of events
  • Video galleries
  • Time lapse sequences

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--Request Information-- Photo from Featured Project near Brentwood, South Essex
EP Clark

EP Clark has been a customer since 2005, first of all indirectly through our franchisee in Sussex, then later, when she gave up web work, directly through ourselves.

This latest revision of their site was published in 2017, showcasing their groundwork, drainage and surfacing contractor business.

In a world where all costs have to be scrutinised, you need to know you are going to get value. As the Village Websmith for Brentwood and surrounding areas, our philosophy is to offer a combination of DIY input and professional support to wring every last drop of value out of your promotional pound. If you are based in Essex and thinking about your advertising strategy, you may like to consider:
  • Average Circulation of local news titles in Essex is 21,007
  • The county has 37 local newspapers
  • To advertise with a quarter page in all of them would cost something like ?9250 per week
  • Total circulation of all 37 titles is 789,264
  • Regular Internet users in Essex estimated at 786,501 (Population of 1,310,835 x national average of 60%)
  • Total estimated Internet users in Essex is 1,074,885 (Population of 1,310,835 x local average of 82%)
  • Webinthebox costs are peanuts compared to even the most limited local newspaper advertising
As your village websmith, I am taking over this area from the 1st November 2010 and will be managing a customer base that represents a varied mix of trades, professions and businesses.

Businesses as varied as independant financial advisors, complemtary therapists, estate and lettings agents, restaurants, pubs, care homes, taxis and limosine companies, hair dressers and salons, even funeral directors have used our services as a part of their marketing strategy.

Whether you are a one man band or a large international company your business can be promoted more effectively to local markets by using Webinthebox? from the Village Websmith.

Being a local business ourselves we understand the importance of working with clients within your area in order to gain the most profitable possible work from your web enquiries. I would welcome the opportunity of a meeting to explore the ways in which Webinthebox? may work for you. To start the conversation, simply click in the header of any page to email us, or call free on 0800 970 9135.

Local co-operations:
The Village Websmith in Brentwood trusts nobody but Power Visual for moving images, promotional videos and web streaming of live events. Peter Walters has a wealth of experience in making all sorts of businesses look good in video and is a Master Member of the Institute of Videography.

For perfect still images to illustrate your point on the web, Robert Banham from RSC Photography is the person we turn to. Robert, quite apart from being a great photographer of events, products and action, has a broad business experience too, so is the perfect choice when matching images to your message.

. For more information, please call us on the number shown, or click in the header of any page to email
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