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Dedicated to small businesses.
At the Village Websmith, we only work with small businesses. It is far simpler and much more rewarding. It is far easier to get information about what is good about a business when you are talking to the person who IS the business. We are proud to have helped hundreds of small business people expose themselves more effectively on the Internet since 2003.

Giving word of mouth a helping hand.
As do many small businesses, most of our customers are certain that Word Of Mouth Marketing is the best way to get business. We strongly agree. After all, that is how we get most of our work. However, there is no harm in giving WOMM a helping hand. That is how we see the web presence here at the Village Websmith. It is an easy way for your customers to share your business with their friends and family.

Easy, easy, easy!
The hallmark of all our work is that the experience for visitors is easy. Your information is expertly presented not only in the form of words used and the images associated, but just as importantly, in the places where people look and where they expect to find the information. Nothing gets hidden in unnecessary, distracting animations and the pages follow a stable, comfortable structure, developed with just your site in mind. The most important part is that it is also extremely easy for visitors to respond to you via your chosen communication channel. You choose the option that suits best your availability to handle the enquiries.

Like Baby Bear's Porridge
How customers perceive your business is fundamental in how they respond to it. An impoartant part of our job is to make customers look just the right size for everyone. Small enough to be cherished by existing customers but substantial and professional enough to reassure potential new customers. This is a delicate balance that is only achieved through decades of experience in creating web presences promoting small businesses.

Getting found can also help
With unique functions to associate what you do, for whom and where, Webinthebox® from The Village Websmith helps even the smallest business find its way to the forefront of search engine results. Come and visit us, we will be happy to show some examples of how this works. You will also find that it is explained in plain language and not Jargonese.

Last but not least
The subject of money in many cases can present a surprise. You will find the surprise a pleasant one when presented with your Village Websmith invoice. Your site is built using Webinthebox®, our own content management system, developed since 2003. This makes creation and customisation of sites very quick. As time is money, this leads to small, manageable bills.

Expand and achieve
As your business develops, your Webinthebox® site can develop with it. Options can be added at any time for:

  • Online shopping cart
  • Payments and deposit taking
  • Quote configuration
  • Invoicing and contact management
  • Interactive maps
  • Broadcast emails and newsletters
  • Live chat
  • Calendars of events
  • Video galleries
  • Time lapse sequences

An image of Image of Message Grammar Anger Computer Jeshoots Com  From the page Wednesday Website Workshops  goes here.
--Request Information-- Photo from Featured Project near Essex
Image of Message Grammar Anger Computer Jeshoots Com From the page Wednesday Website Workshops

Wedensday Website Workshops

OK, so your website is up and running, all you have to do now is sit back and wait for the calls, right? Well, not exactly. Like any form of advertising, your web site needs to be promoted and managed. The message needs to be fresh, topical, powerful and in the public eye.

This takes effort. It takes imagination. It takes forethought and consideration. Luckily, there is a lot you can do yourself, particularly with Webinthebox® that can help to keep the wheels turning without spending a fortune.

In order to help this process, you can now join in an online masterclass in 12 modules based on real questions asked by real customers over the 20 years of Websmithery here. Each module lasts an hour and delegates will be provided with course material to act as an aide memoire as well as a 'homework' assignment each week, with online assessment and advice.

Are you a morning person, or an evening person? With only five spaces per workshop available, you can choose a time of day that best suits your workload. There will be a slot in normal business hours, and a slot in the early evening after work, so you can choose which group to join according to the shape of your day.

Give us the tools and we will finish the job Every module includes a recommended list of resources and tools to help you. Most of these are available free online, and are the tools that we use ourselves in the Websmithy. You don't have to spend a fortune to get reliable, easy to use, fast software.

Modules based on real world needs Over the years here at the Websmithy, a strong pattern of what our customers want to know about managing their online presence has been established. By going back over the answers to questions and concerns, the following list of modules has been created to provide the most relevant and important information.

  1. Understanding audiences - human and robot
  2. SEO - What it really means and how to DIY
  3. Layout and graphics - their importance in framing and showcasing your message
  4. Photographs - choosing and assigning
  5. Photographs - what's in a name?
  6. Your message - how you say what you say
  7. Your message - uploading and shaping
  8. Your message - grammar and spelling do matter, here's why
  9. Non-web promotion - customers are everywhere
  10. Social media - use it to your advantage
  11. Outgoing contact - fly fishing vs ledgering
  12. CREAM - the virtuous spiral of ongoing improvement

Book early and save The price of registration for the full course is just £240, payable in advance, but for bookings before August 15th you can claim an 'Early Bird Saver' rate of £180. Follow this link to the booking page to check availability and claim your place.

small business web design. The Village Websmith operates through franchisees chosen for their marketing and sales ability rather than technical know how. This is the difference and the way that your message can get across to the huge market that uses the internet to find local services in the Essex area.

The fully managed website option is great for small businesses who don't have the time or personnel to maintain and manage their own website. With a set up fee that can be as low as £240, then maintenance charges starting from £30 per month, you get regular updates and performance reviews as well as marketing advice and a complete facelift for your site every two years.

By being a small, local business rather than a national concern, the franchisees are able to help you focus and target customers for what you do in in Essex , where local knowledge and the power of Webinthebox® can help you accurately target your approach to make sure that you don't have to waste your precious time chasing up enquiries from customers too far away to serve profitably. To get more information, or to discuss a particular project, call the number below, or click in the header of any page to email Trevor Hammond, the Village Websmith Essex The Village Websmith. . For more information, please call us on the number shown, or click in the header of any page to email
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