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The Village Websmith - Web Design & Services in & around The Vale of Glamorgan

Small business web design. The Village Websmith operates through franchisees chosen for their marketing and sales ability rather than technical know how. This is the difference and the way that your message can get across to the huge market that uses the internet to find local services in the The Vale of Glamorgan area.

The fully managed website option is great for small businesses who don't have the time or personnel to maintain and manage their own website. With a set up fee that can be as low as £240, then maintenance charges starting from £30 per month, you get regular updates and performance reviews as well as marketing advice and a complete facelift for your site every two years.

By being a small, local business rather than a national concern, the franchisees are able to help you focus and target customers for what you do in in The Vale of Glamorgan , where local knowledge and the power of Webinthebox® can help you accurately target your approach to make sure that you don't have to waste your precious time chasing up enquiries from customers too far away to serve profitably. To get more information, or to discuss a particular project, call the number below, or click in the header of any page to email Neil Hesman, The Village Websmith Wales The Village Websmith. . For more information, please call us on the number shown, or click in the header of any page to email

Photo from Featured Project near The Vale of Glamorgan
Big Brother is watching us all - except for the culprits...

So here we stand, six days into the Brave New World of GDPR. Has a lot changed? Not really. My mailbox is still full of the same old promotional emails from the same old people. I still get the same types of spam messages, emanating from Russia, Vietnam, China and anywhere else.

What the bureaucrats never seem to get into their thick skulls is that when people are breaking existing laws, the introduction of new ones is not going to make a blind bit of difference to the culprits. All it will do, has done and is doing, is to make it more difficult for the law-abiding to comply.

I am sure that the ICO will proudly go about blowing its own trumpet, citing the number of decent, honest business people it has criminalised in recent time, while the giant corporations who squander our details willy-nilly via the cloud will sail majestically on, untroubled by little John Bull and his sabre-waving.

Criminal elements will continue to capitalise on this laxity by gleefully hoovering up all the spilt data and putting it to their own use. Thiefbots will continue to scour the internet looking for innocent security oversights and stealing personal information for identity theft activities while the authorities turn a blind eye to those big enough to defend themselves legally, or devious enough to make their detection difficult.

In short, we have been told a pack of lies as usual by those who cling desperately to power, who feel that holding a post is more important than performing its duties. We have been sold a pup in the form of ill conceived, badly thought through, hastily cobbled together legislation that does nothing to address the real issues, just gives the government another licence to print money, wrested from the hands of decent people whose shoes they are not fit to clean.

IN the last eleven months of working on this aspect, I thank all our customers who took the initiative and upgraded their sites to show policies that comply with the new legislation, and look forward to meeting the new ones, whose sites will comply from day one. For those not yet compliant, it is still not too late, and could save a good deal of time, trouble and cost in future, so if you would like to talk it over, feel free to call at any time or send an email.

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