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Plain Language, Interactive Analysis, Affordable ResultsOpen SEO puts you in the driving seat. If you have ever felt like search engine optimisation is a black art, it may well be due to the practitioners relying on just such a perception.

In the real world, it is quite straightforward. There is no 'Magic Bullet' or arcane formula that guarantees success. What works is small adjustments, regular updates, meticulous use of language and a site structure that puts the information that you add in the places where it can be most easily found and indexed.

You could also be forgiven for believing that Google is the only source of traffic, again, largely because that is the way Google presents itself. In reality, there are numerous sources, not only search engines, but a whole host of ways that your web address can be put in front of the people who are in the market for what you do.

By carefully analysing the big picture of who has looked at what when and for how long, valuable information can be fed back into your marketing and promotional mix so that the real sources of your visitors get the support they need to keep on performing, while pages that haven't performed as expected can be modified and promoted to bring their performance up to match the others.

That is exactly what the Village Websmith's Open SEO package is designed to do. By making available to you the complete statistics package from your web server, you get to see exactly where your visitors found you. Built into the package is a regular Zoom meeting in which we work together to get the best possisble results. It goes further than a mere analysis of traffic though. By comparing page visits to enquiries, it is plain to see which pages are gaining a response and which are not.

One of the underlying beliefs here is that "You can't spend traffic". Getting people to your site is only half the battle. Once they are there, you only start to get value when they progress business to the next stage. That is where the content of your site comes in. Writing engaging prose that will also appeal to the search engines is vital in getting the best possible value from your site, and a regular appraisal of what is working and what isn't is the best way to make sure your site keeps firing on all cylinders.

Talking of value, Open SEO doesn't cost a fortune to implement either. The initial set up of a directory to store, and a page to display your results costs just £75, with the Zoom meetings charged at £45 (scheduled either weekly or monthly, depending on traffic volume, at a time to suit you), there are no Pay Per Click advertising charges, as all we work towards is organic business growth, because it is more sustainable than adwords in our opinion.

Any necessary web site changes highlighted by the Zoom meeting can be made through your admin pages, or we will make them for you at a special discounted rate only for OpenSEO customers. If you would like more information,please call, or click in the header of any page to send an email.

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