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The Village Websmith @1st Site for Reading & North Berkshire

@1st Site for Sports & Exercise
Yoshinkai UK
This @1st Site customer runs Chen Style Tai Chi classes and came to us having been recommended by an existing customer

The site went live in June 2021
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@1st Site for Plant Sales
Brian's business is in refurbishing and renting/re-selling powered access plant

We met when he accosted me in the roadway of the estate that he works on
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@1st Site for Motorcycle Repair Shops
DB Moto Repairs
DB Motorcycles came to us through face to face meetings in the Bemsee paddock

This site went live in 2020 and they have another, sister site with us to promote the domestic appliance side of their business
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@1st Site for Life & Health Coaches
Sharon Lunn Naturopath
Sharon has been a customer since 2003, this being the third site that we have created for her

This represents a new direction for Sharon, departing from her main role as a colon hydrotherapist towards online consultations in lifestyle, diet and maturopathic remedies
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@1st Site for Electric & Gas Maintenance Contractors
This @1st Site customer was introduced to us through face to face contact at Bemsee meetings

They maintain commercial laundry systems in the south of England
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@1st Site for Specialist Cleaning Contractors
Pristine Carpet Care
Pristine Carpet Care has been with us as a customer since 2003

This is the fifth rebuild that their site has had and became necessary when the company added a raft of new services such as upholstery, hard floor and patio/driveway cleaning to their portfolio
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@1st Site for Specialist Cleaning Contractors
DJ Cooper Cleaning
Another cleaning specialist that needed a web site was Duncan Cooper who cleans stone, brick and concrete, removing traffic film, graffiti and bird fouling among other things

Duncan was introduced by an existing customer who specialises in re-decorating historical buildings using authentic methods and materials
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@1st Site for Mobile Hairdressers
LA Creative Hair
Louise Armstrong is a highly experienced, creative mobile hairdresser in and around Chepstow

When Covid 19 had a dramatic effect on her business, Louise took on some domestic cleaning jobs to make ends meet
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@1st Site for After School Activity Clubs
After School Club
The after school club is managed by the wife of an existing customer who asked us to make something that was fun to look at but carried a serious message

The site was published in 2018
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@1st Site for Domestic Appliance Service Business
DB Appliances
DB Appliances is the sister site for DB Moto Repairs and both sites were designed to have an overall corporate look and common graphics while giving very different content and page structures

The customer came to us via direct contact in the Bemsee paddock
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@1st Site for Window Cleaners
Envirotec Solutions
Envirotec cleaned the windows at the pub next door to our office

One day, I mentioned to the guy cleaning the windows that there was something missing off his van
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@1st Site for Car Maintenance & Cleaning
Mark's Car Valeting
Since 2015, I have been hosting and maintaining a site for the Guest House in Symonds Yat that is the business of Mark's family

Since Covid-19 has caused a disastrous drop in that business, Mark has had to go back to what he used to do full time, and has always kept on in the background, valeting vehicles
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@1st Site for Groundwork Contractors
EP Clark
EP Clark has been a customer since 2005, first of all indirectly through our franchisee in Sussex, then later, when she gave up web work, directly through ourselves

This latest revision of their site was published in 2017, showcasing their groundwork, drainage and surfacing contractor business
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@1st Site for Security Door & Shutter Manufacturer
Bison Roller Doors
I bumped into Mark on the industrial estate where he works and I have a storage unit

It was a nice sunny day so we sat in the sun chatting about this and that
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Just because you are a small business and work alone, doesn't mean that you have to spend your own precious time working on your web site.

With the Village Websmith's @1st Site you get a professionally designed, unique site, targeted at your chosen locality and market with proefessionally written content.

All that for less than you may spend on a single week's quarter page ad. in your local paper.

How? It is simple really. With 20 years' experience in helping the smallest businesses to expose themselves effectively, we know what works. This allows your site to be quickly created, with professional, proven content style. No messing about, and as time is money, you save cash too.

What it costs

That is very simple:

  • Day One - £120 to cover hosting, domain and email boxes
  • Publication Day - When you are happy with your web site and it goes live, £360
That's it.

As with all Webinthebox® sites, your @1st Site will enjoy super secure, low density hosting with ssl (https) connection included in the price, as well as up to five mailboxes, unlimited bandwidth, hosting space and pages. You get full control with the content management system and help is available at various levels covering topics like web copy writing, search engine performance and the management of images for the web.

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