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The Village Websmith - Hope to See You There for Conwy

Free self-help web site surgery
10:00 am - 8:00 pm GMT
If you have questions relating to any aspect of your web site, be it construction, content, marketing and promotion, search engine appeal, graphics or security, it is just about impossible to find one source of answers and information. It can be even harder to get the information from a real, flesh and blood person rather than an online forum filled with people asking the same question as you.<br /><br />To such help and advice available free to small business owners face to face, the Village Websmith is excited about re-introducing regular drop-in web sugeries. Whatever concerns or questions you have regarding your web presence, including social media, you can drop in and get straight answers in jargon-free English.<br /><br />The surgeries, which were formerly hosted in coffee shops in key locations, were suspended last year when the workload of implementing GDPR requirements became prohibitive. There were distractions in the locations that we used too, which made them less than ideal.<br /><br />So, having moved the Websmithy to more spacious premises in Shirenewton we can accommodate people here more easily. We are also not subject to other people's working hours, so can be more flexible over time. That takes care of 'where', as there is a standing invitation to all local business people to drop in.<br /><br />That just leaves 'when'. In this case, 'when' starts on October 9th and each Wednesday from then on, between 10am and 8pm. That will mean that anyone too busy during the working day will be able to call in after normal business hours. The coffee here is pretty good, and the tea comes how you like it, so call in for a chat over a cuppa and who knows what useful information you may leave with?<br /><br />If you have any questions, just call us or click in the header of any page to send us an email. Better still, call in on any Wednesday and see for yourself.
Contact: 01291 641100
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