image shows: Magnificent Monday - MOJO Day

Image shows: Magnificent Monday - MOJO Day

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The word Monday is derived from the old English for Day of the Moon. Let's use it to aim for the moon in our businesses.

This is your first chance of the working week to do something incredible in your business. While others wallow in the 'Monday Blues' you can promote your products and services to new customers. Take a while to think about the MOJO of your business. The defining quality that makes you stand out. The reason that people must buy from you and not from anyone else.

Does this reason come across clearly in all your business communications? On your website? In your advertising? Does it leap off the page of your brochures and flyers? How about your business cards? Your signage on buildings and vehicles? Your business letters and invoices?

Every word that you write about your business is a chance to get the sales message across and must be used to the maximum effect.

Over the years, hundreds of Village Websmith customers have been helped to identify their MOJO, put it into a powerful message, then get it seen by potential new customers. Call us today on 0203 239 0350 or click in the header of any page to email us and get your MOJO working.

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